Single Drum Logging Winch

The EGV-35A is the smallest in the lineup of Tajfun's winches.
Sized to fit your compact tractor, the EGV-35A has all of the features that make Tajfun winches the No.1 selling logging winch worldwide -- robotically-welded powder coat frame, wide vertically-reinforced blade for grading and stability, multi-disc clutch, a differential band braking mechanism, serially mounted lower pulley and tow hitch, 2 position top-link attachment, wire guard with holders for your chainsaw and peavey and 200 feet of ultra-smooth, ultra supple cable.

Technical Data

• Standard Bottom Pulley
• Standard Coupling
• Standard Differential Brake Band 


Technical Data
Pulling Power 35 kN
Brake Power 44 kN
Gear Ratio 1 : 7.5
Rope Velocity (at 540-1) 0,63 - 1,19 m/s
Required Tractor Capacity 15 - 35 HP
Weight Without Wire Rope 240 kg
Mounting I, II
Width 1210 mm
Lenght 489 mm
Transport Height 1266 mm
Overall Height 2000 mm


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