The new Bio-Shredder TRX50 – TRX50S, proposed to widen the domestic range,
is aimed to the shredding of green waste material of 6cm diameter max , thanks
to the rotor composed of 2 re-sharpened steel blades and 1 counterblade, that facilitate the shredding at a minimum effort of the engine.
The 4 shovels help the discharge of the material, through an output pipe of 1 mt adjustable 270°.
So, a more performing machine of high capacity.
TRX is proposed in these versions:
Direct transmission with electric engine and petrol engine HONDA GP160
Belt transmission with petrol engines HONDA GX160 and HONDA GX200.
It complies with the CE regulations at work.
Completely MADE IN ITALY.


BROCHURE.pdf (6.7 MB)