Rotadairon RX 250

Well-known since 1985 for its Rotadairon ®
stone buriers range, the Dairon company designed new all-purpose machines whose reliability, handling are well proven. The Rotadairon ® Buriers RX 250 are designed in collaboration with green spaces (golf courses) and lawn professionals to prepare all seedbeds. 

The Rotadairon ® Buriers RX 220 / 250 / 300 / 370 can be used on unprepared grounds or after decompacting and rock clearing operations, depending on the ground type.

Special features :
Double drive at each end of the rotor
Hydraulic safety devices at the end of the rotor (permanent settings for torque distribution and chain tension, Dairon patent)
Rotadairon case with 200 HP capacity
Working depth : 220 mm

Model Tractor Power - Working Width - Working Depth - Roller  Weight
RX 250 NIV F With fixed cast-iron roller (Manual or hydraulic offset settings unavailable) 2185 kg

Optional features :

  • Steel seeder
  • Additional roller frame (cast-iron or metal mesh) only for RX 220 / RX 250 / RX 300 machines