Rotadairon RD 130-145-150

Rotadairon RD 130-145-150

Well-known since 1985 for its Rotadairon ® stone buriers range,
the Dairon company designed new all-purpose machines whose reliability, handling are well proven: harrowing - stone, waste and grass burying - levelling - light hoeing - surface mixing - rolling. 

The RotaDairon®soil renovator is designed for seed bed preparation prior seeding or sodding any soil and able to do the following operations in a single pass: ground tillage, burying of stones - clods and overgrowth - grass + debris, blending of extra materials (net particles type HNETLON" or equivalent, compost. fertiliser, sand), grading, rolling and seeding (with the stainless steel seed-box SM 150, SM 180 or SM 200).

The blades of outside rotor discs are oriented toward inside of the machine. The work width of the Stoneburier remains the same during the wearing of blades. The effective work depth of ROTADAIRON®attachment can easily be checked in the field. The work depth influences the quality of burying and the size of stones which can be buried. The effective work depth of a tilling machine can be determined by the distance from the outside of the rotor tube to the protection skid of the chain case.

Model                  Power Required               Seeding Width      Capacity         Weight
SMC 90 STONY 90 STH 36 960 mm 87 litres 45 kg
SMC 100 RD 100 1056 mm 95 litres 48 kg
SMC 130 RD 130 / RDH 52 1320 mm 120 litres 56 kg
SMC 145 RD 145 / RDH 60 1536 mm 139 litres 65 kg
SMC 150 RD 150 1536 mm 139 litres 65 kg

Special features:

  • Adjustment with "dial" indicator.
  • Global volume adjusted seed rate, determined by the machine's ground speed.
  • Gears-driven seeder.
  • Seed rate adjustment by rotating the roller using the crankshaft supplied with the machine.
  • Oil bath torque limiter
  • Levelling blade
  • Metal mesh roller
  • Optional hydraulic frame motion
  • Optional stainless steel seeder