The R70 bio-shredder is a hobby machine, used to shred garden waste, branches of hedges and small prunings (with a maximum diameter of 50 mm), resulting from the maintenance of small green areas. The machine can be equipped either with a single-phase electric engine or with a petrol engine (Honda/ Subaru).

The material to be shredded is introduced into one single hopper, it is shredded by a fix blade in hardened steel and it’s finally ejected at 650 mm from the ground through a small ejection pipe.

The ejection blades placed behind the chipping disk create a strong suction that facilitates the expulsion of the green material, which can be loaded into a wheelbarrow or a container.

The belt transmission for petrol engine versions and the direct transmission for the electric version make the R70 bio-shredder particularly safe, even in case of accidental introduction of inadequate material.

Built in a simple and sturdy way, this bio-shredder is easy to handle and to move by means of its two big wheels.

All versions are manufactured according to the safety systems in compliance with the current European standards.

Engine/Motive power Honda GX160
Power hp 5,5 (kW 4)
Ø To shred * 50 mm
Production * 2/3 m³/h
Length 1440 mm
Width 670 mm
Height 1325 mm
Introduction height 1075 mm
Introduction opening 300 x 350 mm
Shredding opening 100 x 115 mm
Discharge height 650 mm
Blades No. 1
Weight 70 kg