Peruzzo Panther Pro

Peruzzo Panther Pro

The PANTHER Professional flail mower is used on rear medium sized tractor linkage for perfect grass cutting and collection at the same time. Engineered for grass cutting, verti-cutting and collection in one pass for perfect lawn cleaning and turf regeneration. The collected product can be discharged up to 195 cm with mower touching the ground.

* The grass discharge on Panther Professional can reach 220 cm height by lifting the mower on tractor 3 point linkage and the height can vary depending on the tractor model.

The Panther Professional Flail Mower Series Provide An Excellent Flail Cut & Simultaneous Collection Of Grass Clippings - In One Pass! Use The Panther Professional Collection Mower With The Verticut Dethatching Blades, And The Panther Will Dethatch While Mowing & Collect The Dethatching Spoils Too - Again, In One Pass! The Panther Professional Flail Mowers Provide Unparalleled One Pass Efficiency!

The Panther 'Professional' Series Have A Hydraulic Lift System That Elevates The Hopper (up to min of 6'-5" For Dumping Into Trailers, etc).

The Panther 1200, 1600, 1800 & 2000 Series 'Standard' Flail Mowers With Collection Hoppers Empty The Clippings On The Ground.

Simple & Quick Cutting Height Adjustment At Front Wheels.

Rear Roller Height Is Also Adjustable.

Inside Cover Provides Quick & Easy Service Access To Top Of Blades & Roller.

Ships Complete Including 540RPM PTO Shaft.

Shipped Units Require Some Assembly.

Sample Photos Show Collection Mower On A Tractor For Reference Only - Tractor Is Not Included.


Model  HP KW Flails  NR. Weight
 Overall Dimension
PANTHER1600 40 30 48 650 1500L 181x171x160
PANTHER1800 50 37 58 730 1800L 214x171x160


Minimum Of 40HP Required For Mowing & Collection Functions.

For Handling A Full Collection Hopper, Overall Ballasted Weight Of Tractor Should Also Be Factored.

Suitable for Cat 1, 3-Point Hitches.

Hopper Capacity Is 1.5 Cubic Meters/52.9 Cubic Feet.

Electronically Balanced Rotor Is Well Populated With 48 Hammer Style Blades.

Two Hammer Blade Styles Are Available:

Paddle Flail:

Used with Verti-Cut Blades.

Heavy Duty Cast Hammer Blades:

Cuts Up To 1.5" Diameter Brush.

Working Width is 60".

Overall Width is 71".

Overall Length is 67".

Overall Height is 57".

Weight is 1432lb's.


Owners Manual

Panther.pdf (0.6 MB)