Park 420 LM

Park 420 LM

Front mounted cutting decks and genuine articulated steering are signatures of all Park ride-on mowers & this 420 is an economical introduction to the Park range. An extremely versatile machine, it is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt 3130 engine. It comes with the 95cm Multiclip Combi cutter deck, which converts from mulching to rear discharge, with a choice of ten cutting heights.

When Stiga produced the first Park in 1974 it was a revolutionary product as it had truly articulated steering - in other words the machine bent in the middle. The cutter deck, instead of being underneath, was mounted at the front allowing the user all round visibility. The principles of this design still exist in the Park range today.

Manoeuvring into corners or around trees and under bushes is simplicity itself with a Park thanks to the articulated steering system. Another major advantage is that wherever you go the rear wheels will always follow precisely in the track of the front wheels. If you've navigated around an obstacle with the front of the machine you can be sure the rear will clear it too.

The 420 LM is available with a 95cm Multiclip Combi cutter deck. Should conditions dictate, for example in heavy, rough grass areas, you can easily convert from mulching to rear discharge in seconds, and with ten different heights of cut to choose from you can be assured of a smart finish every time.

All Stiga Park mowers are designed with functionality, reliability, comfort, quality and the environment in mind. Built today for tomorrow, all models are backed by a 3 year warranty on the mower and a 10 year warranty on the chassis.

Starting Method - Key
Engine -  Brand Briggs & Stratton
Engine - TypePowerBuilt 3130 AVS
Engine Capacity - 344cc
Cylinders - 1
Net Power Output - 7.4kW
Fuel Tank Capacity - 12 litre
Drive - 2WD
Transmission - Hydrostatic
Max Speed - 0-10km/h
Axle Diameter - Front 3/4" Rear 3/4"
Wheels - Front 16" Rear 16"
Articulated Steering - Yes
Power Assisted Steering - Mechanical
Steering -  LinkChain/Chain
Steering Ball - N/A
Deck Lift - Manual
Deck Size - 95cm
Height of Cut25 - 85mm (10 Positions)
Electric Cutting Height Adjustment - No
Cruise Control - N/A
Overall Length / Width - 230 X 100CM
Weight - 240kg
Lawn Size - 1 to 1.5 acres
Warranty - 3 Years
Chassis Warrant - 10 Years