NHS 300 E

NHS 300 E

PTO Woodchipper Machine

NHS 300 is perhaps the strongest hand fed machine on the market. It’s, hydraulically driven, aggressive vertical in-feed rollers and it’s compact design, makes this a user-friendly and very efficient chipper. Despite its superior capacity and strength, high-tensile steel reduces the overall weight of the machine. TheExhaust tube is 360° - stepless. The chipping length is adjustable from 10 to 15 mm. - Probably the strongest hand fed chipper on the marked!

Standard equipment:
• Hydraulic parallel in-feed system.
• Exhaust tube.
• High pressure oil filter.
• PTO shaft w/ friction and overrun clutch
• 4 pcs. of hardened knives.
• PTO 540 -1000 rpm

NHS 300E
Max Trunk diameter mm.: 300 mm.
2 hydraulic intake rollers
4 knifes
1 counter knifes
H: 3000 mm.
W: 1960 mm.
L: 2800 mm.
Weight: 1100 kg.

Chip size:
10-15 mm.
20 mm. not adjustable

Power rating: min. 60 max. 250
Oil from tractor