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NC Bucket Sweeper

NC Bucket Sweeper

NC manufacture a mounted bucket complete with detachable sweeper, designed primarily for the loader/telescopic handler market. This powerful bucket mounted sweeper provides a material handling bucket that can be converted into a versatile sweeper collector unit. Various sweeper sizes are available including custom made to fit your own bucket. Pick up lugs are welded to the bucket and sweeper connected using a simple `quick attach system`. Sweeping/ collection is recommended in reverse direction. The sweeper can be supplied with brackets to suit various handlers/loaders or fork frame. Optional dust suppression water system is also available.

Size available on requested

buckets supplied as standard with hardened wear edge.

Standard mixed bristles, half polypropylene, half steel.

All polypropylene available on request.

Hydraulic driven sweeper.

Hydraulic motor is mounted on top of sweeper away from damage.

Drive to the rotor is via a reliable chain drive which has all the added benefit of reducing the machine width and allowing the operator to get close to the wall/kerb than a direct drive machine.

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