Log Deck RN3000

Log Deck RN3000

The Tajfun Log Deck is an efficiency enhancing option to the Tajfun firewood processors (RCA 380 and RCA 400 JOY).
This option allows easier and faster log loading and feeding of the processor, greatly increasing opreating efficiency. It is driven by the processor’s hydraulic system and controlled by existing machine controls (with an optional radio remote control).

The whole assembly can be controlled by the operator of the processor. The Live Deck RN 3000 S is stationary with six adjustable jacks for legs.

The RN 3000 M is equipped with an axle and wheels for transport, as well as the six adjustable jacks for legs.

Drive RCA Hydraulic System
Control on RCA
Length x Width x Height 214.25'' X 79'' X 58.75''
Weight 1543 lbs
Working Surface approx. 30' X 13'
Max. Dim of Processed Logs up to 19.5'
Stock Deck Capacity 3 t or up to 2 cords