Japa 405

Japa 405

The operation of the new Japa® 405 model is controlled by a smart system that assists the user. The machine is equipped with sensors that measure and control its operation in real time and optimise performance, based on the type of wood being processed. The processor is equipped with a mobile data connection, which means that the factory can, for example, upgrade the processor’s software, as necessary.

The new model contains the Perfect Split™ mechanism and patented Perfect Clean™ debris removal system as standard features. Thanks to the new splitting method, the processor always produces A-grade firewood, even with a varying raw material size, and the cleaning system removed debris from the cut wood.

The new model also features a hydraulically adjusted knife, providing you with two splitting mechanisms in one machine.

In addition to the PerfectSplit™ blade, the new model also has a heavy-duty hydraulic knife, which means you get two splitting mechanisms in the same machine. In each mechanism, a guide plate reduces malfunctions and makes the processing faster. The machine is easy to maintain, and most of the maintenance work consists of basic hydraulics maintenance.

In fault conditions, a remote connection to the factory speeds up the problem solving process. The logic controller of the machine also enables semi-automatic operation. For example, the processor detects the right number of splits automatically when using the Perfect Split™ blade.