Japa 315

Safety and easy operation were the starting points for the design of the new Japa® 315. The new model meets all the safety standards and includes many new features. The upgraded model has a higher wood processing capacity and a better security of operation. Optional accessories include a holder for the container of wood debris, log lifter, mechanic turning of the output conveyor, six-way knife (four-way as a standard feature), equipment for roadworthiness inspection and road use and light panel.

In contrast to the earlier model, Japa® 315 is equipped with a log press that facilitates the cutting of logs by improving the sawing of the last logs and offering a higher level of safety. Besides, the machine comes with a standard full-length input belt. This makes working on the machine faster and easier, and adds to safety. We have also redesigned the pusher and made it larger. The new design facilitates the cleaning of the blade, and the blade is easier to adjust.

Our firewood processors are known across the world for their good quality-price ratio, and we are one of the leading manufacturers in the Scandinavian forestry sector. Ease of use, safety and fast operation are the cornerstones of our product design. We collect feedback from our customers and use their experiences to improve our firewood processor range on a continuous basis.

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