Einböck Grass Manager

Einböck Grass Manager

After winter, when molehills and other damaged to the sward surface appear the grassland needs to be revitalised.

The drag-devices traditionally used in spring are a thing of the past and only work the surface. This increases the chances of molehills and other bare spots being compressed.

The Einböck "GRASS MANAGER" works the grassland with springtines and aerates the turf. On Grassland an agressive, turf- and soil scratching work to stimulate the grass tillering is desirable.Weeds like moss or panicle are eliminated and important grasses and herbs get more light and space to grow.

High productivity in combination with low power consumption emphasize the usage of the grass manager.


The weeder sections, which are mounted pendular, can easily copy the relief of the surface. The aggressiveness of the spring tines can be adjusted with a central lever per section.

The tine-tube is torsion-resistant and guarantees the same tine position over the entire frame length so that the tine aggressiveness will remain constant. Especially in tough soil conditions this is extremely important.

The stabilisation of the tine is provided by the exact guidance of the plastic holder. The tines will always face exactly the driving direction, thus also significantly increases the vibration effect. The holders will not let the tines become twisted or loose. The spring coils of the tine start below the tine holders. This is why the tines can vibrate better and why each of the their movements comes from the spring.

1.50 m - 12.00 m