Rugged, Reliable 6.5T Professional Logging Winch w/ Electro-Hydraulic Controls

Tajfun designed the EGV-65AHK for professional logging operations. The EGV-65AHK has incredible pulling power (over 7 tons force) owing, in part, to its 5 disc clutch. The EGV-65AHK features a reinforced frame that is exceptionally rigid and resistant to torsional forces. Designed for use with tractors of 54 to 90 HP.

The EGV-65AHK has all of the features which have made the Tajfun brand the number one selling winch worldwide -- robotically-welded powder coat frame, wide vertically-reinforced blade for grading and winching stability, multi-disc clutch, a differential band braking mechanism, serially mounted lower pulley and tow hitch, 2 position top-link attachment, wire guard with holders for your chainsaw and peavey, an onboard toolbox, and 200 feet of ultra-smooth, ultra supple cable.

Additionally, the EGV-65AHK features Tajfun's self-contained electro-hydraulic control system that allows you to control winch operations with a hand-held pendant from the seat of the tractor (requires 12V hookup to tractor). Add an optional remote control and you can control your winch from up to 300 feet away.

Technical Data

Pulling Power 65 kN ( 6,5t )
Brake Power 81 kN
Gear Ratio 1:10,8
Rope Velocity ( at standard No of rev. of PTO shaft ) 0,50-0,99 m/s
Max. Drum Capacity 14/78m, 13/89m, 12/118m
Necessary Capacity of Tractor 40-70 kW (54-94 HP)
Width 1660 mm
Length 670 mm
Height without Wireguard 1660 mm
Overall Height 2300 mm
Weight 540 kg
Mounting II,III
Bottom Pulley s
Coupling s
Differential Brake Band s
Radio Remote Control o
Powered Upper Pulley o