Single Drum Logging Winch

Tajfun Hydraulic Winches (AHK) feature a self contained electro hydraulic system to operate the winch clutch and brake, and use a control pendant (standard equipment) or a radio remote control (optional equipment).

Radio remote control allows remote control of the winch (without any further need to access the winch or tractor) or remote control of the tractor (engine revolution control, tractor engine start and stop, P.T.O. Shaft activation – these functions must be installed by an authorized service).

The important benefits of remote control system are easy operation of the winch by a single person, high work efficiency and safety.

Technical Data
Pulling Power 45 kN
Brake Power 56 kN
Gear Ratio 1 : 8.89
Rope Velocity (at 540-1) 0,54 - 1,08 m/s
Required Tractor Capacity 20 - 50 HP
Weight Without Wire Rope 350 kg
Mounting I, II
Width 1400 mm
Lenght 525 mm
Transport Height 1361 mm
Overall Height 2300 mm

• Standard Bottom Pulley 
• Standard Coupling 
• Standard Differential Brake Band